walkietalkie, VHF, 1 power: 5 W, range: 6 km, number of channels: 256, CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, VOX, Li-ion-battery weight: 235 g AJ-150
Standard AJ-150
Frequency range AJ-150
Range (aircraft)
The marine range
River range
Frequency range, min. 136 Mhz
Frequency range, Max. 174 Mhz
Transmitter settings AJ-150
Transmitter power 5 W
Switching power transmitter
Radius of action 6 km
Modulation type FM
Sensitivity 0.2 MV
Sensitivity settings 12 DB SINAD
Number of channels 256
Number of codes 157
Support CTCSS
Support DCS
DTMF Support
Mode of operation through Repeater
The functionality of the transmitter AJ-150
FM radio
Voice activated via the headset (VOX)
Voice activated without a headset (iVOX)
Function " " push & talk (PTT)
Channel scan
Monitoring channels
Scanning the two channels (Dual Watch)
Welcome to weather channels of NOAA
Quick Setup on an emergency channel
Treatment nurse (Baby Sitter)
Keypad lock
Sound when you press the buttons
PC programming
Copy settings between radios
End transmission tone (Roger Beep)
The conversation timer
Design AJ-150
Chassis plastic with metal chassis
Antenna detachable
Connection of an external antenna
Display illumination
Water resistant enclosure
Reference standard for moisture protection IPX5
Rubberised casing
Shock-resistant enclosure
Support for MIL-STD-810
Built-in flashlight
Min. working temperature -20° c
Max. working temperature 60° c
Nutrition AJ-150
Work time 11 h
Battery type your own
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery capacity 1400 mAh
Number of batteries 1
Battery charge indicator
CHARGER connector
Power saving mode
Sound AJ-150
Adjusting the volume
Speaker power 750 MW
Vibration Alert
Connecting a headset
Noise Reduction
Complete Set AJ-150
Number of radios in Kit 1
Charger included
Car CHARGER included
Charging stand included
Headset included
Batteries included
Clip in set
The Dimensions Of The AJ-150
The Width Of The 38 mm
Height 99 mm
The Thickness Of The 31 mm
Weight 235 g